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Bare and minimalistic, it’s all in the twist

Our new miniature spot is an extremely simple cylinder-shaped light fixture with a lot to show. Endless applications, a variety of rich colours, phenomenal yogic flexibility. A deep-recessed light source for a glare-free light effect. To express a refined and minimalistic look & feel on walls or low ceiling executions, or to add on, as a stylish companion on our Pista track system. This little spot will make a big impression.

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Minude project spotlight 2
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Minude 45 adjustable semi-recessed 1x LED GE

Minude 45 adjustable semi-recessed 1x LED GE fotoMinude 45 adjustable semi-recessed 1x LED GE tekening
Article Nr.ColourReflectorColour temperaturePDF
11461009white strucmedium / 30°warm white / 2700KPDF
11461032black strucmedium / 30°warm white / 2700KPDF
11461081ano blackmedium / 30°warm white / 2700KPDF
11461082ano bronzemedium / 30°warm white / 2700KPDF
11461084ano silver bronzemedium / 30°warm white / 2700KPDF
11461041ano champagnemedium / 30°warm white / 2700KPDF
11461109white strucmedium / 30°warm white / 3000KPDF
11461132black strucmedium / 30°warm white / 3000KPDF
11461181ano blackmedium / 30°warm white / 3000KPDF
11461182ano bronzemedium / 30°warm white / 3000KPDF
11461184ano silver bronzemedium / 30°warm white / 3000KPDF
11461141ano champagnemedium / 30°warm white / 3000KPDF

Art. Nr. 11461009


Lamp1x LED Array
Gear / TransfoLED gear not incl.
Adjustabilityh 360° v 90°
Cut-out sizeø 40 h 70
Weight0.32 kg
Min. distance0.1 m
Glow wire test960°
Lifetime50000 hrs
Power supply350mA500mA
Connected load5.6W8.1W
lumen output498 lm686 lm
Efficacy89 lm/W85 lm/W


Minude 45 adjustable semi-recessed 1x LED 2700K lens medium GE white struc polair diagram